Mental Health Needs Assessment Survey

The Assembly of Bishops needs your input! The Mental Health Needs Assessment Survey, designed by experts on the Mental Health Task Force, takes only 15 minutes and consists of approximately 30 questions. All information you provide is completely anonymous, and the aggregate data will help the Task Force better understand the mental health needs and experiences of the faithful in order to develop resources and programs for enhanced ministry in your community.  Please take the survey below and encourage others in your community to take it as well. Social media icons as well as flyers/bulletin inserts can be found here.

The below survey is embedded and can be taken directly on this page. If you are having trouble with the embedded survey, you can also take it directly on the host site.  

Parishes are encouraged to print copies of the survey for parishioners who are not comfortable using a computer. Here are simple guidelines:

  1. Click here to download the printable version of the survey
  2. Print and make copies of the survey
  3. Distribute the surveys to those who are not comfortable using a computer
  4. Keep an anonymous box in your parish for faithful to submit their surveys
  5. On June 15, 2021, gather the paper surveys, scan them into the computer, and email them to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is this survey anonymous? 

A:  Yes, the information you provide is anonymous and confidential.  The data we collect will be used in an aggregate manner to give us a better idea of what resources may best meet the needs of our Orthodox community.

Q:  Who put these questions together?

A:  The questions in the survey were created by Orthodox Christian mental health professionals with expertise in the fields of mental health, public health, research, leadership, and development. 

Q:  How long will I have to fill out the survey? 

A:  The survey will remain open until May 1, 2021.  Once the survey closes, we will no longer be able to receive additional submissions.

Q:  Why should I take this?  

A:  Your feedback matters to us.  Each individual provides us with a fuller picture of how our community experiences mental health .  It is our hope that by you taking this survey, we can best assess and determine resource development that is rooted in our Orthodox faith.  Not only should you devote the time to take this, you should also take a moment to pass it along to others.

Q:  What will you do with my information?  

A:  The Assembly of Bishops cares about the mental health needs of the Orthodox faithful.  In an effort to best understand and develop resources tailored to meet the mental health needs of individuals within the Orthodox church, we seek to more fully understand the extent to which our community is impacted by mental health struggles.  The more information we receive, the more robust our data will be, and the more relevant resources may be developed.

Q:  Why now?  

A:  The Assembly of Bishops tasked the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion (OCAMPR) with creating a Mental Health Task Force in September 2019.  Since then, the Task Force has worked tirelessly to develop a Mental Health Needs Assessment as well as a national Directory of Mental Health Professionals, which launched in November 2020.  When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Task Force also compiled resources for children, teens, adults and families to support them during this time of difficulty.  

Q:  How can I learn more about the work of the Mental Health Task Force? 

A:  To learn more about the work of the Task Force, you can visit our webpage.

Q:  I’m passionate about mental health! How can I volunteer? 

A:  We are so glad you asked!  Please contact us to share with us how you would like to join our efforts.

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